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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shaykh Sayyid Jamaluddin Al-Ghumuqi Al-Husayni

Shaykh Sayyid Jamaluddin Al-Ghumuqi Al-Husayni was a shaykh from Daghestan in the Caucasus, and lived in the late-18th to late-19th Century. He spoke several languages, and was a scholar of Qur'an and Hadiths. He is known to have written a book on the conduct of the mureed. He was also the advisor and father-in-law to Shaykh Shamil, leader of several resistance campaigns against the Russians, who were invading the Caucasus at this time. He is buried in Istanbul, where he had emigrated after the Russian occupation.

[This photo is courtesy of the Osmanli Naksibendi Group in New York.]

One of Shaykh Jamaluddin's sayings is: "Keep track of your hours, because they are going, never to return. Pity the one who is heedless. Connect your daily practices of dhikr one to another, like links in a chain; you will find a benefit from it. Don't make your heart busy with the worldly life, because it will take the importance of the Hereafter from your heart."

Biographical information is courtesy of Naqshbandi.Org